Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine Roses

Personalized Chocolate Fondue Set - You Warm My Heart

Forget Swiss cheese, the best fondue sets are all about chocolate!  This personalized fondue set is the perfect ending to any romantic dinner.

Enjoy whatever type of fondue suits your fancy with our exclusive fondue set, complete with any 1-line personalization below the sweet message "You Melt My Heart."

Dip strawberries, marshmallows, fruit... anything you want into a bowl of gorgeously warm chocolate.  Better still, all you need to heat your chocolate is the included candle, meaning you can take the set almost anywhere with you!

6 Hand-Dipped Valentine's Berries

Their eyes will widen at the sight of our brightly themed Valentine's Berries. Each strawberry will greet their lips with a smile as they think of how special you are for giving such a remarkable gift. Celebrate your romance by sending the memorable gift of Valentine's Berries. 1 Berry Dipped in Milk with Heart Sprinkles

Oh sweetie!

If you must buy chocolates (it's not that we object to them, we just think they are for the other 364 days of the year too) then at least make them limited edition, Michelin-starred-chef chocolates. These are created by Jason Atherton for Harvey Nichols - and three of the boxes even contain a "golden ticket" to win a meal at his new restaurant (opening late March).

Cut it out!

Rob Ryan's charming paper cut designs have become ubiqituous of late, but they are still a lovely way to say "let's share a cup of tea together". Nothing could be more romantic than a strong brew, surely - so we'll even let the "his and her" idea pass, just this once.

Smelly stuff

 Scented candles are, admittedly, hardly the most adventurous of gifts, but then Diptyque are the Rolls-Royce of scented candles, so this is a great gift for someone who appreciates the finer labels in life.



While a bouquet of red roses may be a bit overzealous for a first date, other flowers may send your message perfectly. Do some research and choose carefully; gardenias denote secret love, orchids are always lovely, showing beauty and refinement, while yellow roses mean friendship. Just be sure to order your flowers early because Valentine’s Day can be a busy time for this industry. Relationship level: Works for all levels


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